Top 35 percent Summary

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helpful guide to understand which students are eligible for Phi Alpha Honor Society. 

Below are links to a PowerPoint presentation and Word document which explains in detail the requirements and eligibility for our awards, scholarships, and grants. 

2024 Transitions and passing the torch

2024 Social Justice training with Dr. Felipe Lopez Sustaita

2023 Mental Health and Self-Care

2023 Operating online chapters

2023 Phi Alpha Inductions

2023 Phi Alpha Honor Society – Getting your year started

Passing the torch: Helping your chapter transition to next year

2023 Scholarships, Awards, and Grants training 

Note on submitting applications for awards/scholarships. The vendor we were using for this has gone out of business and we have been actively researching/interviewing new vendors. We anticipate that we will have a new set-up for you by March 1st and will keep you updated. In the meantime, if you want to begin preparing your application, you can review required content areas in the attached PPT.

2023 Phi Alpha Service Projects

Video and Powerpoint from 2022 Phi Alpha Inductions

July Chapter Advisor Town Hall Meeting

Chapter Training- Operations

Chapter Training- Q&A

Chapter Training- Chapter Officers

Chapter Training- Induction Ceremonies

Phi Alpha National Service Project

Phi Alpha Annual Meeting

Phi Alpha Social Justice Training

Phi Alpha Passing The Torch

Phi Alpha Chapter Call Recording and September meeting

9/28/2021 Phi Alpha Chapter Zoom Call

10/26/2021 Phi Alpha Chapter Zoom Call – Inductions

02/23/2022 Phi Alpha Service Projects Meeting

03/22/2022 Student and Faculty Mental Health

Phi Alpha 2022: Getting your year started

September Phi Alpha Zoom call (two videos)