National Service Project:  Special Olympics

Local Chapter contact person:  Mariah Conrad – Mariah[email protected]

Main Page – Special Olympics

Becoming a volunteer (simple) – Become a Volunteer (

Finding a program – Programs (

Volunteer Training Resources: This source will give you 11 different training on how to become an effective Special Olympics volunteer! There are a lot of different pdf’s to look though (I.e. Orientation, volunteer jobs, handbook, protective behaviors, supervision, recruitment, recognition, etc.)

Volunteer Training (

I also recommend going through the coaching handbooks. They will give you information on how to interact with different athletes that have various disabilities (I.e. Autism, physical disabilities, hearing or visual impairments, etc.).  These have really taught me to work on my communication and teaching techniques!

Here is a link to the Special Olympics Resource library, you will be able to find a lot here!: Special Olympics Resources