Safety Posters

During the summer, Phi Alpha members distributed "See and Save" posters to increase awareness of safety issues related to swimming pools, and car seat safety for children.


Donation Boxes

Phi Alpha members collected school supplies via donation boxes throughout the campus.  Members spent a Saturday outside a store asking people who were entering the store to buy school supplies and donate them.  The collection amount was over $1000 of supplies and an additional $600 in cash donations used to purchase additional supplies.  All of these supplies were distributed to Communities in Schools social workers for three schools in low income areas to distribute to their clients who could not afford to purchase their supplies.  This particular Phi Alpha chapter was rewarded with the President's Volunteer Service Award by the Community Partners and Local Child Welfare Board.


Fund Raising

Many chapters have garage sales, canned food drives, or bake sales.  Items not sold are donated to local Goodwill Industries, Families in Crisis or local domestic violence shelters.


Helping the Homeless

An annual national event where Phi Alpha members sleep outside in cardboard boxes to raise homeless awareness is held.  Money raised is donated to help fight homelessness.


Book Drive

A massive book drive was conducted that resulted in both a children's and adult's library at a local homeless shelter.


Inner-City Child

An Easter egg party was held for an inner-city church preschool.  Refreshments, arts, crafts, and an Easter egg hunt were provided for the children.

Looking for Service Projects?

Texas A&M University-Central Texas

Dr. Claudia Rappaport, Advisor

Chantel von Steiger (outgoing president)

Trudy Hatmaker, (incoming president)

Florida International University

Dr. Mary Helen Hayden, Advisor

Bertha Vera, President

Loma Linda University

Talolo Lepale, Advisor

Tori Dang, President

Chapter Service Awards

 Advisor of the Year

Texas A & M University - Central Texas

Dr. Claudia Rappaport

Student submitted report: Chantel von Steiger

Patty Gibbs Wahlberg, BSW Scholarships

Colorado State University

Kaitlyn Ewan

Paula Yuma, Advisor

West Liberty State University

Jessica Roth

Sylvia Senften, Advisor

University of Utah

Sarah Elizabeth Levit

Elizabeth Perez, Advisor

MSW Scholarships

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Caroline Richey

Laurel Hitchcock, Advisor

University of Texas at Austin

Marissa Rogina

Marian Mahaffey, Advisor

Michigan State University

Christen Thomas

Todd Womack, Advisor

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